UN slams N. Korean human rights violations

The mass amount of human rights violations occurring in North Korea has finally surfaced on the UN conference. The annual resolution by the Third Committee emphasized on the amount and measures of human rights violations that are taking place in North Korea. From women’s rights to restrictions on freedom of thought and belief, the range of human rights violations in North Korea is broad.

The UN Secretary Council and International Criminal Court (ICC) have taken measures to stop the human rights violations in North Korea. The resolution demands the Pyongyang rulers to “extend their full cooperation to the Special Rapporteur, including by granting him full, free and unimpeded access to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”.

Although such actions have been taken, will North Korea stop wth its violation of human rights? Even though it is my greatest desire for the end of human rights violation, due to N. Korean’s strength in governing with terror, I don’t believe that the terrible act will come to stop at once. However, I believe that this topic coming up in international discussions and international communities taking action to prevent the violation of human rights, are first steps to preventing human rights violations in N. Korea from happening.

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Lack of Human Rights for Mexican Women.

In the New York Times article, “Police Sex Abuse Case Is Bad News for Mexico’s Leader”, Ahmed talks about the case where 11 women got sexually assaulted by multiple police officers during the Atenco Protest in 2006, and the government’s reaction to it. It has been revealed that the Mexican government did not do anything to comfort these sexually assaulted women, but chose to punish these women. Five of the eleven women were imprisoned, and nothing was done for the rights of the women. When the government chose to proscute the women instead of the guilty police officiers, when the government chose to cover up and minimize the case, and when the government closed the investigation on this happening, the women were stripped off of happiness, ashamed for something they didn’t do, afraid of the society, and were not able to look into the mirror and see them for who they are, but only women who had been assaulted. Throughout the ten years, nothing had been done by the Mexican government to compensate the women for their losses and their pain. Only now are the women getting the spotlight of their painful story from an international human rights commission.

This is a case where human rights are still strickly neglected and ignored by a government of a country. I believe that the Mexican government has stripped the assaulted women of every single human right, and that they should be compensated now. They were not only physically and psychologically abused, but the government and the society had taken their very basic and fundamental rights. Governments and international committees should take actions to prevent these situations from happening. I hope the best for the assaulted women in Mexico, and hope for the end of neglected human rights for women.

For more information about the article: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/23/world/americas/enrique-pena-nieto-commission-human-rights-investigate-rape.html