In Afghanistan, Women’s Rights Still Struggle to Take Root

This article shows the reality of women’s rights in Afghanistan. This November, Afghan women and men on Facebook joined the Unite to End Violence Against Women. This is a big problem in the Afghanistan because they are not getting enough respect from others. Earlier this month, two female public figures debated on the anti-harassment law and the cleric shocked many netizens by calling them “rationally paralyzed” with “defective brains”. The men supported his claim by stating Islamic religious texts. It was very sympathetic because those women couldn’t reply back with supportive evidences. Even though women rights is the rising topic of Afghanistan, it is not proceeding well. Education and institutions are fighting and supporting for women’s rights but it is still unstable.

I was really interested because I am currently reading a book about Afghanistan, The Kite Runner and the book had lots of information about women rights. The book was written long time ago, so I thought the environment for women would have improved a lot. However, unlike my expectation, Afghanistan women were still suffering. I wish the institutions and campaigns to act more strongly and actually bring a positive change to Afghanistan women’s rights.


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