UN Slams N. Korean Human Rights Violations

John J. Metzler, the United Nations correspondent covering diplomatic and defense issues, starts off his article, “UN Slams N. Korean Human Rights Violations”, with a general concern over growing human rights violations in Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. He mentions how numerous nations around the globe, which are part of the United Nations, are sponsoring the ten-page resolution on “a deteriorating human rights situation” in North Korea. The resolution highly criticizes this communist country’s “inhumane conditions of detention, rape, and public executions”. Even more so, North Korean citizens have severe restrictions on fundamental freedoms, including their rights to openly express their opinions. Because of occasional public prosecution of North Korean political figures, citizens fear that they may become the next victims, harshly hindering themselves to follow the words of Kim Jong-Un, the current leader of DPRK. Brainwashing and rigid schemes in schools also forcefully allure children and young adults into believing that whatever is being taught at school is all based on “facts”. For instance, gender-based and social class-based discrimination are perceived as natural to the locals of DPRK.

As he expresses in the article, Metzler believes harsh condemnation of the DPRK regime has a possibility to change the nation, but not with great certainty. I also agree that as long as Kim Jong-Un continues to apply intimidation and fear against his citizens, UN’s ten-page resolution would have no influence on his communist beliefs. Even if the international community keeps knocking at DPRK’s door to realize how harsh and inhumane the situations are for its citizens,  we can only imagine its future. Although it is of utmost hope that DPRK considers taking action in regulating crimes against humanity, it still seems there is only a minimal chance for change.  

More information: http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/nation/2016/11/197_218787.html


One thought on “UN Slams N. Korean Human Rights Violations

  1. I agree with both the article and Soo Young’s opinion. There seems to be no critical solution for such circumstance as of now. However, I think it’s urgent to make a solution plan and start the change little by little.


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