S. Korea’s “black protest” movement gaining momentum for abortion rights

In this article, the women in South Korea are not treated equally as men when it comes to abortion. People were having press conference about the invalidation of the government’s legislative judgment and the decriminalization of abortion. The forum stated that the government is considering the problem of abortion upon the responsibility of the state and the society, not the women’s choices. The forum declared: “Women aren’t wombs. They are people before they are mothers,” and also that the women should “continue to fight for the health, safety, and lives of women who have been pushed outside the law’s framework.” They are claiming  for the equality of women’s sexual equality and sex education and to make sure that the women have access to the sexual technology and facilities. There are roughly about 170,000 pregnancy termination in South Korea and therefore the goal of discrimination of abortion is to guarantee the right for everyone and for everyone to be treated equally.

From reading this article, I was stunned about how women in Korea is treated differently from the men. As women myself, I was angry by the fact that the women are treated differently although we are all same human beings as men. I think the discrimination of abortion should be the choices of the women because people have freedom of rights to do certain things that they wish to do and therefore the law of discriminating abortion shouldn’t be strengthened.

For more information: http://english.hani.co.kr/arti/english_edition/e_national/766232.html


One thought on “S. Korea’s “black protest” movement gaining momentum for abortion rights

  1. I agree with Hoyeon saying that women are treated unfairly regarding the problem – abortion. I personally think that having a baby/ pregnancy requires responsibility for both men and women, therefore, I do not understand why women are the ones who take great responsibility alone on abortion. It is obligation of both parents to take full responsibility and overcome hardships together.


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