Labor Rights in Cambodia

Labor rights had been prolonged issue in our society. Most recently, Cambodia was brought up by the Human Rights Watch for the bad working conditions. According to Aruna Kashyap from Human Rights Watch, there are lots of factories that were not registered into the National Social Security Fund (NSSF). These factories are unidentified, nameless, and have no signs. Workers working in this facotyr only got poor working conditions. Without worker identity card, they are only more vulnerable to abusive labors that goes against the law.

As the article suggests in the last paragraph, I believe that there needs to be govrenment intervention in this situation. As companies that are not registered does not get monitored by government, it is causing seriuos problems for the workers in Cambodia. In order to solve this issue, government must ensure that all factories within Cambodia are registered.


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4 thoughts on “Labor Rights in Cambodia

  1. Actually, the topic was about woman’s rights, however, I agree with his idea about labor rights in Cambodia. I was surprised that there is a lack of system in the United States of America. The government should build up a system that monitors the human rights in the factory. P.s. There are many spelling errors.


  2. Before reading the article, “The Secret Underbelly of the Cambodian Garment Industry,” I never realized the seriousness of the nameless factories and nameless identity cards in Cambodia. In order to benefit the government and the labor workers, I agree with Taehoon and the author of this article. The government of Cambodia government needs to set up a law to strictly regulate the unregistered factories.


  3. When I read this article, I was surprised by the fact that the labor in Cambodia is failing to get labor rights. I think the government should strengthen the system that monitors the human rights in the factory.


  4. I’ve heard the labor in the news before and I have felt really bad for people who were forced to do labor. Even though they don’t get enough money for the labor, it’s so unfair. I really hope there is a strict rule for the labor so that there is no more illegal labor even for children.


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