Afghan Women in Jail Forced to Taking Virginity Test

Not many years passed since current Afghanistan government was established. Therefore, in their laws, there are many flaws are detected today. Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights Commission reported that afghan women in jail forced to taking a virginity test. They stated that “based on interviews with 53 female detainees across 12 of the country’s 34 provinces, found that 48 of them, including girls as young as 13, had been sent for virginity tests. “(Mashal). Even though the women in the jail are criminal, the government have no rights to force them to take virginity test. It is violating their rights. Their body belongs to themselves, so the government cannot operate a test with their body. Moreover, the virginity test isn’t reliable to assure rather the woman is virgin or not. Because the sexual intercourse is not only thing that affects the hymen. Due to these facts, Heather Barr, a senior researcher for the group Human Rights Watch, strongly requested Afghan government to fix the law to prevent these human rights violence in Afghanistan.

In my opinion, the government should find the solution to prevent the forced virginity test as soon as possible. The government has no authority to use their citizen’s body to do that kind of tests. They have rights to refuse the tests. I hope the Afghan government fixes the women rights violation problems and it triggers the improvement of women rights in Middle East Asia

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