Violence against women: Sri Lanka’s next human rights challenge

Even though Sri Lanka had successfully accomplished to increase women’s health and educations, they are still having trouble stopping the violence against women. In May 2009, the civil war ended in Sri Lanka. However, violence against women have notably increased. According to the U.N’s women Report, 30% to 40% of women suffer from violence, including the 60% of victims from domestic violence. Many Women right’s activists cautioned gender based violence, since it could include sexual torture. The Important part is that most Asian and Pacific countries ignore the fact of gender based violence. According to 2013 U.N Survey, Out of 10,000 men from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, 50% have committed physical or sexual violence against their female parters.

As a female Asian, it is time to face the reality of gender based violence. It is sad to face that there were such females with disrespecting treatments. We should definitely pay more attention to those victims. It is very mad to see women still getting raped and used sexually for inhumane men.

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