Scottish Women’s Rights Centre to Increase Women’s Legal Support with New Funding

Women’s rights is defined as the legal, political, and social rights for women that are equal to those of men. While countless headlines of modern newspaper articles are much associated with the discrimination and inequality of women, the acknowledgement of the positive aspects regarding women’s rights require as much recognition.

The Scottish Women’s Rights Centre (SWRC), is a centre that provides legal advice and support for female victims who have experienced violence. With the recent funding of £665,000 from the Scottish government, SWRC plans to provide increasing support for women. New full-time advocacy support workers will be put to work and SWRC will pursue to increase its helpline. Marsha Scott, the chief executive of Scottish Women’s Aid and a member of the SWRC’s advisory group explains SWRC’s ideas as innovative, and a  thinking-out-of-the-box response that will increase the accessibility of women’s rights when they experience violence.

I believe that SWRC is an exemplary organization that serves as an epitome for other organizations seeking to improve women’s rights around the world. With the ongoing discrimination of women in various areas of the globe, it is important to take action that will efficiently result in benefits for women’s rights. Many organizations should acquire knowledge from organizations such as SWRC and carry out their own line of assistance and support for women.

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