Philippines President says he gives zero tolerance towards human rights

Mr. Duerte, the new Philippines President believes that in order to secure order in the society, he needs to get rid of any people who is an alarming threat to the future generation of his country. For the first 100 days of Mr. Duerte’s presidency, he has killed over 3500 criminals-mostly drug dealers and users. However, innocent civilians and many bystanders have been brutally murdered during the process, but the president has dismissed his reckless killings. Also, he does not seem to care anything about protecting human rights. His actions have sparked a controversy in United Nations  and other international communities, believing that it is a threat to world peace. According to an interview, he will continue to combat on drug criminals, saying that ” You destroy my country, I will kill you.” He thinks the only way to strike fear to his enemies is killing them. His other policies reflect his dictatorship style such as ending defense treaty with U.S. Many critics and human rights associated committees are worried about future of Philippines and democratic ideals in the world.

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3 thoughts on “Philippines President says he gives zero tolerance towards human rights

  1. Even they are criminals, I think they still have their rights as a human. The president should not kill them and I don’t think it is the only way to punish them. I think the most worst thing he did was killing innocent civilians and many bystanders. He should not ignore human rights. He should recognize his mistake and should apologize. I hope the future of Philippines gets better.


  2. Innocent people getting slaughtered for no reason is always unjust. I believe that in countries like this, human rights are in immediate need of getting secured.


  3. Everyone has rights themselves as human. People who are innocent shouldn’t be punished for no reason. I believe that the government should immediately get in an action of supporting the end of racism.


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