Pakistan’s women face battle for the right to vote

Men in Pakistan are not allowing their wives, sisters and daughters going out to the polling stations. They say it is “un-Islamic” for women to participate in democracy. Now a group of young female activists are planning to stand up for their rights. In what is being called Pakistan’s youth election, young women are determined to overcome cultural and political obstacles to make their voices heard. Saba Ismail is the director of young women, and train girls in leadership skills and she is only 23 years old.They want Pakistan to have a free and fair election and for women to be able to vote in secret, not be told who to vote for by her family.The resurgence of the extremists’ campaign wanted to stop women voting. They had to move offices twice because of threats made against it. The army has announced that 70,000 troops will be deployed in the four provinces on election day but polls indicate there could be a record turnout, higher than the 44% in the 2008 elections.The elections was mark the end of a democratically elected government in Pakistan’s history. The young women thinks the war means men get angry and their aggressive behaviour is taken out on the family. Women in Pakistan have believe that they are lesser beings and these group of young women are trying to change it. Few days later, a candidate of the Awami National party was killed with his son by gunmen in Karachi and Chaudhry Zulfiqar Ali was killed as he was driving to the next hearing in the murder case of the former prime minister.

This article is talking about women in Pakistan fighting for their rights to vote. In Pakistan, women’s rights are ignored. Most of the women thinks that they are lesser being than men and  considered insignificant. Some young women made a group and try to fight against the government and the men. The leader is only 23 years old and they fight for their right even they are young. I think it really respectful. I want them to get their rights not being hurt. At least, the government should understand and support them.

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