Kyrgyzstan Ups Fight Against Child Marriage

In the article, “Kyrgyzstan Ups Fight Against Child Marriage,” the children from Kyrgyzstan is still getting force to get married. Although forcing children to get married became illegal in Kyrgyzstan, the forced marriage is still going on. Around 12 percent of girls marry before age 18 and about one percent are married before age 15. Most of the girls are getting married due to religious ceremonies. Also, Abduction for forced marriage is still going on which is also known as the bride kidnapping. This puts both women and girls in danger. Nearly 12,000 women and girls are getting kidnapped annually. These marriages make both women and girls vulnerable of being isolated and being domestically violent. Therefore, the government should make sure the changes help protect domestic violence survivors by supporting essential services, like shelters, that allow women to escape abuse.

I personally think that the women and girls forced marriage should stop immediately. The government should quickly have a solution for this problem because the number of women and girls getting kidnapped is ridiculous. The girls and women should also get rights on whether they choose to marry or not. The choice of the marriage should not depend on religion or society but according to one’s will. 

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2 thoughts on “Kyrgyzstan Ups Fight Against Child Marriage

  1. I also agree with the author. Women are suppressed in many underdeveloped countries. They do not have a voice in any matter which causes problems in women’s rights. Women’s rights is closely interrelated with the economic, political and social status of the country. If women are not treated equally, there is often polarity, inequality and injustice. Women should not be ‘forced’ but should have their own decision power for the betterment of the society as a whole. If women’s status grows, the country will grow.


  2. I agree with you that women and girls should not be forced to marry someone in any circumstances. I feel sympathized for all the girls who have been forced to marry and I believe that women should have their right to choose whom they want to marry with.


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