Racism and Discrimination

These days, there were many issues about discrimination of the CEO from abercrombie. The CEO has a strong asian discrimination so he made the clothes of Abercrombie that looks good only on American. Usually, Americans have long legs and arms but short upper part of the body,  but asians have short legs and arms, and long upper body part. So the clothes from the Abercrombie has long arms and legs clothes, but short upper body part of clothes. With the issues, asians showed many complains about how the CEO discriminate against the countries.

However, after Abercrombie came into Asia, unlike what the CEO of Abercrombie had expected, Asians loved the clothes that Abercrombie. Even though the price of the clothes were really expansive, Asians loved the clothes and CEO made huge benefits from Asia. So from the time, Abercrombie CEO changed his mind and began to export to Asia. Like this, unlike what CEO had expected, it can make huge benefits, therefore, if CEO didn’t have racism about Asians, it may be better to the Asians.





2 thoughts on “Racism and Discrimination

  1. I agree with Hojung in how racial discrimination happening in Abercrombie. Since Abercombie is a worldwide brand that is also popular in Asian countries, racial discrimination should be put to a stop. Also, as a big company that reflects youths worldwide, Abercrombie should support the end of racism instead of supporting it.


  2. I agree with Hojung about how there is racial discrimination happening in Abercrombie. I personally believe that the racial discrimination should stop immediately as each individual has rights. Moreover, the government should help Abercrombie stop the racism.


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