Kazakhstan: Workers’ Rights Violated, Restricted

Despite the fact that Kazakhstan is trying to cultivate an image of a regional power and bring itself  into the international spotlight, they are not treated as respectively. Not only that, the situation seems to be getting worse. Last June, Kazakhstan won a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council, which is a one of the major involvement with the foreign investment in the oil industry and other fields. However, this did not went as fluent as they have been planned. Rather, this has imposed more burden to the people in Kazakhstan. Shortly, their right was abused and workers were violated and restricted. Foreman threatened workers in Kazakhstan by saying “don’t join that trade union, or you’ll have problems. We can fire you, or find something against you,”

Although I did not know much about Kazakhstan before, I felt that it is not right to be stay in that situation after I read this article. I think there is a necessity to protect the worker who are being violated and restricted from their works and right. Also, I think such threatens should be now prohibited.





Saudi Petition Seeks Full Rights for Women

As majority of people are informed, women’s right in Middle East are harshly discriminated. They are not even allowed to go out from their shelter without any male guardians. Moreover, it is common sight in Middle East that the placards with “No Women Allowed” are hanging on the door of street stores. Saudi Arabia is one of the country that has tightest restrictions on women where women are not allowed to drive. They could only drive with the permission and guidance of male family members: father, husband or brother. “We are suffering from this guardianship system,” said Nassima al-Sadah, an activist in Eastern Province. This has proven that women in the Middle East is suffering from those inequalities and discrimination even when it is trivial. Not only that, women are not given freedom to work in order to earn money. Rather, they would still demand male guardian consent to apply for jobs.

As I was reading this article, it made me irritated and frustrated by the inequalities that women get in Saudi. I personally do not understand why female should be treated that way when they have their capabilities to work and do what they desire. Humans all have freedom and power to make their own decisions. But what is  that they diminishes women’s right in Middle East? I believe that the protection for women’s right in the Middle East should be more strictly defended and further stress the importance.

More information: http://www.yourmiddleeast.com/news/saudi-petition-seeks-full-rights-for-women_43104