Zimbabwean Female Activists Face Abuse On The Streets And In Prison

Debate on women rights is a rising issue in current society. Few weeks ago in Zimbabwe, a female activists were abused on street in front of everybody and were sent to jail. Linda Masarira is one of the activists who were incarcerated because of this protest. As a response to this mistreatment, activists warned the government that if they fail to charge all officers accused of mistreating female activists within a week, members of the organization will hold a protest naked. This symbolizes the humiliation they received.
As I read through this article, I thought that women right in African region is still as bad as the past. Women were beaten up for no reason and they were put in to jail. I believe that more movement for women should be perform in order to alleviate this gender inequality.

more information : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/zimbabwean-female-activists_us_57e6d328e4b0e28b2b5451b7?utm_hp_ref=womens-rights


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