Trump’s election threatens human rights around the world

Since President Wilson carried his Fourteen Points to the 1919 Versailles conference, the United States has been the world’s foremost promoter of human rights and democracy. However, now that Mr. Trump is the president of the United States, the country appears to walk away from that role. It is told that when Trump was asked about “I think it’s very hard for us to get involved in other countries when we don’t know what we are doing and we can’t see straight in our own country.” It’s true the U.S. human rights record is far from perfect, and presidential preaching — from Wilson to Jimmy Carter to George W. Bush — often has been bluntly rejected. But American pressure has also played in bringing freedom in countries, rescuing countless political prisoners and restraining abuses by autocrats like Mr. Sissi. Even powerful adversaries, such as Mr. Putin and China’s Xi Jinping, have been discomfited by U.S. human rights criticism and sanctions, including those under the Magnitsky Act, which mandated travel bans and asset freezes for Russian officials linked to such crimes as the killing in prison of a dissident lawyer.


Trump being elected as president of the United States is a shocking news all across the world. I personally think that this is a sad news to many countries such as Mexico. Mexicans have been immigrating to the United States in order to earn money for one’s family. I believe that the United States will become somewhat conservative in the future and I believe that this is not a good news for the immigrants who are in United States or planning to move to the US.


One thought on “Trump’s election threatens human rights around the world

  1. I truly feel concerned about human rights issues that would arise in the future of U.S. With Mr. Trump as the president, his ignorance and indifference to the suffering of others and racists remarks are alarming. It feels like he is rewinding the time when fascisms and communist ideals were in practice in various nations, but this time it is taking in a new form. His policies seem to benefit only the ‘whites’ in the top of the ladder and not other people who have different race, ideologies, economic statuses and gender. I hope there is a way to solve this issue with the help of intelligent officials who can make the right decision for America and other international committees.


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