Kazakhstan: Workers’ Rights Violated, Restricted

Despite the fact that Kazakhstan is trying to cultivate an image of a regional power and bring itself  into the international spotlight, they are not treated as respectively. Not only that, the situation seems to be getting worse. Last June, Kazakhstan won a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council, which is a one of the major involvement with the foreign investment in the oil industry and other fields. However, this did not went as fluent as they have been planned. Rather, this has imposed more burden to the people in Kazakhstan. Shortly, their right was abused and workers were violated and restricted. Foreman threatened workers in Kazakhstan by saying “don’t join that trade union, or you’ll have problems. We can fire you, or find something against you,”

Although I did not know much about Kazakhstan before, I felt that it is not right to be stay in that situation after I read this article. I think there is a necessity to protect the worker who are being violated and restricted from their works and right. Also, I think such threatens should be now prohibited.





2 thoughts on “Kazakhstan: Workers’ Rights Violated, Restricted

  1. I believe it is critical for any nation to protect the rights of its citizens’ workplaces. Without the dedication of labor being put by the citizens, none of the nations around the globe can possibly grow economically and socially. Like many others would, I agree with Jenny’s opinion, and I think it is about time some strict international laws and regulations be made about this issue.


  2. I agree that it is crucial for a nation to establish international relations and solidify its stance on international grounds. However, I believe that the nation’s citizens should be prioritized before anything. I believe that it is the obligation of Kazakhstanian government for it to take care of rights of its citizens before international relations. I agree with Jenny completely on the point.


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