China: Fake Election – Abusing Rights of Election

Abusing human rights does not have to be deadly issues. China is in chaos due to the fact that Chinese government having a fake election. Zhang Shangen, 73, a candidate in local elections in Beijing got distraction from the government. When Shangen has a campaign, the government sent the police officers and distract his campaign. This is abusing a right of freedom to collect the information. Not only that, the government did not open any candidates debates, which democratic countries normally had before an election, social media wars, or town hall-style forums. The government claims that China is a democratic country, however, they do not open the way to get elected. So the candidates are claiming that the Chinese government saying ridiculous claim, “China is a democratic country, but we are going to choose the candidates.” Actually, people can participate in the election as a candidate, but the candidates cannot advertise themselves. The government choose the candidate that they like, and decide rather distract them or not. So if the candidate is not liked by the government, they cannot use any social media(Chinese social media is completely controlled by the government) to advertise themselves.

In my opinion, it is hilarious that the Chinese government claiming that China is a democratic country. It can be a radical expression, it looks same with North Korea. North Korea’s full name is the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. They are also claiming that they are democratic, but actually, it is a dictatorship. Limiting the information of candidate and advertisement of the candidate, it is same with dictatorship. They seem like they are giving the choice, but they are not. This happening should change as soon as possible if China wants to get recognized as a democratic country

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One thought on “China: Fake Election – Abusing Rights of Election

  1. After reading the article, I completely agree with Tyler. Even though, a country maybe called a democratic country, or name themselves a democratic country, it does not mean they literally are. I believe that China needs to be accountable for the election. They should be able to represent their citizens fully by giving them their rights to the freedom of expression and freedom of press, if they really want to be called a democratic nation.


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