Labor Rights in Gold Mines

There are several gold mines around the world, including Philipines. They are small mines, and involves many child laborers. Even though they are risking their lives, their works are not guaranteed safety. They have direct contact mercury, which may lead to various symptoms such as mercury poisoning. The water they dive into are also contaminated with mercury, and also contaminates the local river.

I did not know any of these situations in Philipines. I did not know that gold was present in Philipine, even that it was their major source of income in Philipine. While gold is a major source of income for Philipinos, it is surprising that they are not guaranteed for their safety in their works. These gold mines are usually very small, and thus are not under any regulation. They should definately be under control for child’s labor rights, and also for their safety. It does not only neccesiate regulations from government, but also companies which sources gold from artisanal mines.



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Labor Rights in Cambodia

Labor rights had been prolonged issue in our society. Most recently, Cambodia was brought up by the Human Rights Watch for the bad working conditions. According to Aruna Kashyap from Human Rights Watch, there are lots of factories that were not registered into the National Social Security Fund (NSSF). These factories are unidentified, nameless, and have no signs. Workers working in this facotyr only got poor working conditions. Without worker identity card, they are only more vulnerable to abusive labors that goes against the law.

As the article suggests in the last paragraph, I believe that there needs to be govrenment intervention in this situation. As companies that are not registered does not get monitored by government, it is causing seriuos problems for the workers in Cambodia. In order to solve this issue, government must ensure that all factories within Cambodia are registered.


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