Egyptian Rights Group Is Told Its Bank Account Is Blocked

An Egyptian human rights group that treats torture victims was prevented on Thursday from accessing its funds and was told that its account had been blocked. The lawyer said that an employee was not allowed to cash a check for the center and was told by a bank manager that the central bank had ordered its account suspended until it registered as a nongovernmental organization with the Social Solidarity Ministry. The Nadeem Center says it is registered as a clinic with the Health Ministry and does not need to register as an nongovernmental organization. The Egyptian authorities deny allegations by human rights groups and activists that security forces round up people and torture them in secret detention centers. Amnesty International condemned the move against Nadeem, saying the group provides hundreds of torture victims with vital services, including counseling and legal assistance. The government had already ordered the closing of the center in February without providing an official reason. Health Ministry officials at the time said that it had committed unspecified violations. Research and advocacy director of Amnesty said that freezing Nadeem’s financial assets, the authorities are preventing the center from carrying out their crucial work to provide care to survivors of horrific violence. The center challenged the order in court and it is still operating.

This article is talking about an Egyptian human rights group has been treated wrong by the Egyptian authorities. It is hard to agree or understand the Egyptian authorities. I hope the Egyptian human rights group get treated better and have a good result for them in the court

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One thought on “Egyptian Rights Group Is Told Its Bank Account Is Blocked

  1. This article clearly shows how an abuse of authoritative power can harm innocent people. Hannah hits the right point because I also could not understand such actions of Egyptian authorities. Although I also hope that the Egyptian human rights group succeed in the court, facing hard reality, it seems very unlikely that they would win the court. Human rights groups like this should be supported and encouraged internationally, raising the awareness of harsh situations that some of the world’s citizens are still suffering from.


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