Gender Discrimination

In this article, there was a female who suddenly seizure, but it was in the way to Houston, so people were looking for anyone here is doctor. So a female came next to the patient and try to look how emergent the patient is. However, people around the patient let her to put her hands off from the patient and let her to prove where she works, which major of the doctor she is, and etc. When another male doctor came to the patient, none of the people around patient say anything and waited for the doctor to cure the patient.

From the issue, I could felt strong gender discrimination that the people had even though the situation was very emergent. I really think that the gender discrimination was only happened in the past, but after I read this article, I felt some people are still being rude and behave as past people. Even though the doctor was female, there could’ve be some possibility that the female doctor is more and better ability to cure the patient. So I really hope there is no more gender discrimination even in emergency situation.


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