Labor Rights in Gold Mines

There are several gold mines around the world, including Philipines. They are small mines, and involves many child laborers. Even though they are risking their lives, their works are not guaranteed safety. They have direct contact mercury, which may lead to various symptoms such as mercury poisoning. The water they dive into are also contaminated with mercury, and also contaminates the local river.

I did not know any of these situations in Philipines. I did not know that gold was present in Philipine, even that it was their major source of income in Philipine. While gold is a major source of income for Philipinos, it is surprising that they are not guaranteed for their safety in their works. These gold mines are usually very small, and thus are not under any regulation. They should definately be under control for child’s labor rights, and also for their safety. It does not only neccesiate regulations from government, but also companies which sources gold from artisanal mines.



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4 thoughts on “Labor Rights in Gold Mines

  1. I also didn’t know that gold is the major source of income in Philippine. I feel bad for the child labors. Some of them may be householders of a poor family. It was shocking that they don’t even guarantee safety. I think the government should make a proper measures for the worker in the gold mines.


  2. Despite the advantages or incomes that they can get from the mining, I think it is more important to secure those people who are working to earn those minerals. It is nonsense that their safety is not guaranteed and secured. It seems it is most urgent to provide them with the security and standby medical treatments.


  3. After reading the article, I agree with Taehoon’s opinion. It is about the people of Philippines being under protection, not getting lots of money. Furthermore, since the mines are really small, it can be even more dangerous for the miners. If they do not get protection, then it shows that the government is not responsible for their citizens, which should not happen in any nation.


  4. I think the issue of no payment upon labors such 3d jobs is very common in every country. Not only the Philippines, Africa also have a huge issue about this. They have a big diamond mining industry, but the owner of the company does not pay the proper payment for workers. I think it is essential to solving this kind of problem, so I agree with Taehoon’s opinion.


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