China: Fake Election – Abusing Rights of Election

Abusing human rights does not have to be deadly issues. China is in chaos due to the fact that Chinese government having a fake election. Zhang Shangen, 73, a candidate in local elections in Beijing got distraction from the government. When Shangen has a campaign, the government sent the police officers and distract his campaign. This is abusing a right of freedom to collect the information. Not only that, the government did not open any candidates debates, which democratic countries normally had before an election, social media wars, or town hall-style forums. The government claims that China is a democratic country, however, they do not open the way to get elected. So the candidates are claiming that the Chinese government saying ridiculous claim, “China is a democratic country, but we are going to choose the candidates.” Actually, people can participate in the election as a candidate, but the candidates cannot advertise themselves. The government choose the candidate that they like, and decide rather distract them or not. So if the candidate is not liked by the government, they cannot use any social media(Chinese social media is completely controlled by the government) to advertise themselves.

In my opinion, it is hilarious that the Chinese government claiming that China is a democratic country. It can be a radical expression, it looks same with North Korea. North Korea’s full name is the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. They are also claiming that they are democratic, but actually, it is a dictatorship. Limiting the information of candidate and advertisement of the candidate, it is same with dictatorship. They seem like they are giving the choice, but they are not. This happening should change as soon as possible if China wants to get recognized as a democratic country

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Kazakhstan: Workers’ Rights Violated, Restricted

Despite the fact that Kazakhstan is trying to cultivate an image of a regional power and bring itself  into the international spotlight, they are not treated as respectively. Not only that, the situation seems to be getting worse. Last June, Kazakhstan won a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council, which is a one of the major involvement with the foreign investment in the oil industry and other fields. However, this did not went as fluent as they have been planned. Rather, this has imposed more burden to the people in Kazakhstan. Shortly, their right was abused and workers were violated and restricted. Foreman threatened workers in Kazakhstan by saying “don’t join that trade union, or you’ll have problems. We can fire you, or find something against you,”

Although I did not know much about Kazakhstan before, I felt that it is not right to be stay in that situation after I read this article. I think there is a necessity to protect the worker who are being violated and restricted from their works and right. Also, I think such threatens should be now prohibited.



Egyptian Rights Group Is Told Its Bank Account Is Blocked

An Egyptian human rights group that treats torture victims was prevented on Thursday from accessing its funds and was told that its account had been blocked. The lawyer said that an employee was not allowed to cash a check for the center and was told by a bank manager that the central bank had ordered its account suspended until it registered as a nongovernmental organization with the Social Solidarity Ministry. The Nadeem Center says it is registered as a clinic with the Health Ministry and does not need to register as an nongovernmental organization. The Egyptian authorities deny allegations by human rights groups and activists that security forces round up people and torture them in secret detention centers. Amnesty International condemned the move against Nadeem, saying the group provides hundreds of torture victims with vital services, including counseling and legal assistance. The government had already ordered the closing of the center in February without providing an official reason. Health Ministry officials at the time said that it had committed unspecified violations. Research and advocacy director of Amnesty said that freezing Nadeem’s financial assets, the authorities are preventing the center from carrying out their crucial work to provide care to survivors of horrific violence. The center challenged the order in court and it is still operating.

This article is talking about an Egyptian human rights group has been treated wrong by the Egyptian authorities. It is hard to agree or understand the Egyptian authorities. I hope the Egyptian human rights group get treated better and have a good result for them in the court

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UN Slams N. Korean Human Rights Violations

John J. Metzler, the United Nations correspondent covering diplomatic and defense issues, starts off his article, “UN Slams N. Korean Human Rights Violations”, with a general concern over growing human rights violations in Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. He mentions how numerous nations around the globe, which are part of the United Nations, are sponsoring the ten-page resolution on “a deteriorating human rights situation” in North Korea. The resolution highly criticizes this communist country’s “inhumane conditions of detention, rape, and public executions”. Even more so, North Korean citizens have severe restrictions on fundamental freedoms, including their rights to openly express their opinions. Because of occasional public prosecution of North Korean political figures, citizens fear that they may become the next victims, harshly hindering themselves to follow the words of Kim Jong-Un, the current leader of DPRK. Brainwashing and rigid schemes in schools also forcefully allure children and young adults into believing that whatever is being taught at school is all based on “facts”. For instance, gender-based and social class-based discrimination are perceived as natural to the locals of DPRK.

As he expresses in the article, Metzler believes harsh condemnation of the DPRK regime has a possibility to change the nation, but not with great certainty. I also agree that as long as Kim Jong-Un continues to apply intimidation and fear against his citizens, UN’s ten-page resolution would have no influence on his communist beliefs. Even if the international community keeps knocking at DPRK’s door to realize how harsh and inhumane the situations are for its citizens,  we can only imagine its future. Although it is of utmost hope that DPRK considers taking action in regulating crimes against humanity, it still seems there is only a minimal chance for change.  

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Women’s Rights

Women’s rights around the world is an important indicator to understand global well-being.

Yet, despite many successes in empowering women, numerous issues still exist in all areas of life, ranging from the cultural, political to the economic. For example, women often work more than men, and they are paid less; gender discrimination affects girls and women throughout their lifetime; and women and girls are often are the ones that suffer the most poverty.

Reading this report about the United Nation’s Women’s Treaty and how a variety of countries have lodged reservations to various parts of it shows we still have a long way to go to achieve universal gender equality.

Gender equality furthers the cause of child survival and development for all of society, so the importance of women’s rights and gender equality should not be underestimated.

After I read this article I felt that the world was still in a position of gender inequality. During these days some women are payed less than men even though they did same amount of work. And there are even some countries where women do not have sufficient right to make decisions. However I can see the hard effort taken by other people to solve these kind of problems.  Gender inequality should be solved as soon as possible to mention the importance of women’s rights to children.

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Fight for Women’s Rights with Gender Violence Bills

Idihar Chaieb is a women from Tunisia. After 14 years of sexual harassment in her work she finally sued his boss in to the court. Even though she didn’t do anything wrong, it was a difficult situation for her.

“I was afraid to speak out. I thought I would be blamed,” she said.

However, Iduhar Chaieb made her decision with lots of courage. She gained courage since she was supported by a former teacher, women’s organisations, and her son. But her first trial dismayed Idihar. The judge ruled against her. As a result, Idihar was fired from her job, which she worked for about 25 years. Even though Tunisia is referred as the most progressive country in Arab for their women rights, it happens a lot. The violence and harassment on women occur a lot despite the reputation of the country. Shockingly, about 47.6% of women in age of 18-64 experienced sexual harassment in the 2010 survey. Most of the male who sexually raped a women will serve not much year in the jail and sometimes respected by their town people. However, the women who were raped are not even accepted by their own family.

To prevent this, there has been some changes. The government passed the law about sexual abuse and strengthen the punishment.

According to Ounissi: “Passing the law is the beginning of the process, not the end. You need the support of the education system; this starts at school. You need a training programmed for the police. And you need to look at television shows that normalize violence. People are more influenced by what’s on television than what’s in a parliamentary bill.”

I believe it is really courageous of these women who are willing to make changes. Even though they live in a very patriarchal society, they are trying to make the difference.

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Labor Rights in Cambodia

Labor rights had been prolonged issue in our society. Most recently, Cambodia was brought up by the Human Rights Watch for the bad working conditions. According to Aruna Kashyap from Human Rights Watch, there are lots of factories that were not registered into the National Social Security Fund (NSSF). These factories are unidentified, nameless, and have no signs. Workers working in this facotyr only got poor working conditions. Without worker identity card, they are only more vulnerable to abusive labors that goes against the law.

As the article suggests in the last paragraph, I believe that there needs to be govrenment intervention in this situation. As companies that are not registered does not get monitored by government, it is causing seriuos problems for the workers in Cambodia. In order to solve this issue, government must ensure that all factories within Cambodia are registered.


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Scottish Women’s Rights Centre to Increase Women’s Legal Support with New Funding

Women’s rights is defined as the legal, political, and social rights for women that are equal to those of men. While countless headlines of modern newspaper articles are much associated with the discrimination and inequality of women, the acknowledgement of the positive aspects regarding women’s rights require as much recognition.

The Scottish Women’s Rights Centre (SWRC), is a centre that provides legal advice and support for female victims who have experienced violence. With the recent funding of £665,000 from the Scottish government, SWRC plans to provide increasing support for women. New full-time advocacy support workers will be put to work and SWRC will pursue to increase its helpline. Marsha Scott, the chief executive of Scottish Women’s Aid and a member of the SWRC’s advisory group explains SWRC’s ideas as innovative, and a  thinking-out-of-the-box response that will increase the accessibility of women’s rights when they experience violence.

I believe that SWRC is an exemplary organization that serves as an epitome for other organizations seeking to improve women’s rights around the world. With the ongoing discrimination of women in various areas of the globe, it is important to take action that will efficiently result in benefits for women’s rights. Many organizations should acquire knowledge from organizations such as SWRC and carry out their own line of assistance and support for women.

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Violence against women: Sri Lanka’s next human rights challenge

Even though Sri Lanka had successfully accomplished to increase women’s health and educations, they are still having trouble stopping the violence against women. In May 2009, the civil war ended in Sri Lanka. However, violence against women have notably increased. According to the U.N’s women Report, 30% to 40% of women suffer from violence, including the 60% of victims from domestic violence. Many Women right’s activists cautioned gender based violence, since it could include sexual torture. The Important part is that most Asian and Pacific countries ignore the fact of gender based violence. According to 2013 U.N Survey, Out of 10,000 men from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, 50% have committed physical or sexual violence against their female parters.

As a female Asian, it is time to face the reality of gender based violence. It is sad to face that there were such females with disrespecting treatments. We should definitely pay more attention to those victims. It is very mad to see women still getting raped and used sexually for inhumane men.

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Zimbabwean Female Activists Face Abuse On The Streets And In Prison

Debate on women rights is a rising issue in current society. Few weeks ago in Zimbabwe, a female activists were abused on street in front of everybody and were sent to jail. Linda Masarira is one of the activists who were incarcerated because of this protest. As a response to this mistreatment, activists warned the government that if they fail to charge all officers accused of mistreating female activists within a week, members of the organization will hold a protest naked. This symbolizes the humiliation they received.
As I read through this article, I thought that women right in African region is still as bad as the past. Women were beaten up for no reason and they were put in to jail. I believe that more movement for women should be perform in order to alleviate this gender inequality.

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